Financial Instruments and Strategies

A crash or downturn in the market often has severe consequences on the financial health of investors. We show you how you can protect yourself against potential losses.

The State of the Markets

After the meltdown in global financial markets from 2007-2009, markets have stunningly recovered and even reached new highs. However, the increases in process has led to an disproportionate increase in risk.

One of the most successful investors of all times, billionaire and stock market magnet Warren Buffett, has issued some cautionary notes in 2015. Buffett beliefs that stocks could go down as much as 50 % and has hedged his investments against a downturn. Other well known market pundits have warned of an impending decline as well.

As shown on this site, some long term indicators indeed confirm that financial markets risk is very high. The crash in Chinese stocks in 2015 was a bad omen and warning sign of what could happen globally. In order to protect yourself from possible financial losses you can engage in the use of financial instruments. We provide information and data on the availability of such instruments, respectively, if these techniques can be useful for your portfolio.

Downside Protection

Investment banks and institutional investors use hedging techniques. You can too.

How it works

You can apply these techniques in your portfolio without any money leaving your account or signing up for any obligations.


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When markets turn down, it is too late to take action. Therefore, investors must take action before stocks start falling, if they are to engage in protecting themselves from a downside move. We explain in details how the process works and how you can hedge yourself quickly and effectively.